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AudioRetune- Music waves

Introducing our AI-powered splitter on Mac with Apple silicon

Updated: Apr 22

Enjoy AudioRetune on Mac with Apple silicon and practice music like never before!

To all of our users, we have a fantastic update to share! AudioRetune now has access to all the features of the iPhone and iPad apps on your Mac with Apple silicon. Enjoy the following features of AI-powered splitter on your Mac now:

  • Real-time separation and remastering of instruments and vocals of any song

  • Export STEMs / tracks separated with AudioRetune to iCloud or other storage services

  • Change the pitch and tempo of any song

  • Bookmark and label song sections

  • Loop song sections

  • Unlimited 30-second-long song previews

  • Use as many songs from your music library as you want

  • Practice songs without interruption from ads of any sort

To boost your practice, take advantage of seamless device-to-device syncing. To access AudioRetune Unlimited playback on all of your devices, sign in using the Apple ID you used to make the purchase. Practice with the device of your choice.

A step-by-step tutorial for using the AudioRetune app is provided below:

Download the AudioRetune app from App store to your Mac with Apple silicon

  1. Download the app from the App Store to your Mac with Apple silicon (Note: The AudioRetune app is available on Apple silicon only). You can try the free version of the AudioRetune app, which gives you unlimited 30-second-long song previews along with four different songs from your library every month. After your monthly 4-song limit ends, playback and real-time adjustments will be limited to 99 seconds. The Unlimited Playback subscription can be purchased by going to the app's settings.

Try from infinite 30 seconds demo songs on the app for free .
  1. Launch the app and select any song from the device's music library or a demo song. The full song can also be purchased on iTunes. The song can be played after it appears on the player screen, and level faders can be used to modify the vocals, instruments, drums, and bass of the song. With a simple tap, you can also fully mute each of them.

Split the song into its individual vocals and instrumental parts in few seconds

3. Furthermore, you can adjust the pitch and tempo of the song. You can easily adjust songs to suit the tune of your instrument or your vocal range. Slow down or speed up any song immediately with a few steps.

Adjust the pitch and tempo of any song with few taps and practice according to your preferences.

4. Add bookmarks to any song section, go directly to the challenging parts, and pick up where you left off in your practice sessions to further personalize your experience. Both your bookmarks and your previous mixer settings are automatically saved for each song.

Bookmark  tricky sections of the songs and practice them non-stop on the app

5. Export STEMs to use separate audio files for each track, which can be saved to your device or to iCloud. The STEMs can then be used in any DAW for further modification.

Export STEMs of any song on AudioRetune app and use the STEMs in the DAW of your choice.

You can also set your favorite songs, view playback history, and see songs with DRM protection using the app's additional capabilities.

Try the AudioRetune app on your Mac and take your music practice to the next level!


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