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Elevate your skills: Real-time online pitch changer

Updated: Apr 22

What is a Pitch?

The level to which a song's notes are amplified is referred to as its pitch. A song's pitch affects how the music sounds. The length of the sound waves that an instrument or vocalist produces determines their pitch. They combine notes of various pitches, resulting in songs and harmonies.

A pitch of a song is it's tone's musical or vocal frequency.

How do we measure pitch?

Hertz (Hz) is the unit of frequency used to describe pitch. The frequency of a sound wave is measured in hertz, which is the number of complete wave cycles that occur in one second. Pitch increases with increasing frequency and decreases with decreasing frequency. Pitch varies among individuals; for example, adult male voices typically range from 85 to 180 Hz, and adult female voices range from 165 to 255 Hz.

Role of pitch in music

Pitch drives melody and harmony, a sequence of musical notes played or sung. Note pitches convey direction, emotion, and musical expression in a song. The song gets its expressiveness due to pitch fluctuations.

How can an online pitch changer benefit you during your music practice?

How can an online pitch changer benefit you during your music practice?

For Vocalists: Adjusting the pitch of a song can make it easier to sing for vocalists. You can adjust the pitch to match if a song is too high or too low for your vocal range. This reduces vocal stress and enables more efficient practice. For instrumentalists: Guitarists and other instrumentalists can practice playing songs in various keys by using pitch adjustment. This is extremely useful when playing along with other musicians or adjusting to the singer's vocal range.

Practice harmonies: Pitch adjustment is important for vocalists and instrumentalists while trying to create harmonies. You may modify the pitch to match the harmony sections, which will assist you in learning how to work together with sounds effectively. You may adjust the pitch according to the harmony sections, which will help you skillfully combine sounds.

Learning challenging sections: If a part of a song contains particularly difficult sections, you can change the pitch to practice those sections at a slower tempo. This helps in the growth of muscle memory and precision before returning to the original tempo.

Ear training: To slow down or simplify complex songs, musicians can benefit from pitch adjustment. You can practice playing along with the slowed-down version by lowering the pitch and progressively increasing the speed as you become more proficient.

How can you change pitch online or offline on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac (with the M chipset) with AudioRetune?

How can you change pitch online or offline on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac ?

Step 1: Launch the AudioRetune app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac (with the M chipset)

Step 2: Choose any song from the search screen whose pitch you want to adjust.

Step 3: The song you've selected will then show up on the app's player screen.

Step 4: Go to the pitch icon on the AudioRetune player screen, as shown in the video. Tap the icon ​​b decreasing the icon to lower the pitch, and to increase the pitch, tap the # icon.

Step 5: While the song is playing on the player screen (as demonstrated in the video), you can change the pitch of the song in real-time.

Note: Use four different songs for free from your library every month. After your monthly 4-song limit ends, playback and real-time adjustments will be limited to 99 seconds.

Buy the unlimited Playback subscription to:

- Use as many songs from your music library as you want

- Practice songs without interruption from ads of any sort

Download the AudioRetune app to boost your musical skills with a real-time pitch changer. AudioRetune offers more incredible features to practice immersively with your favorite songs. For more information, visit our website at


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