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How to change tempo of any song on your device? With AudioRetune, you can change the speed of any song instantly.


 Personalize music to your preferences

The tempo of a song can convey the urgency and energy of the story it is telling, and it can also provide a clue about the genre to which it belongs. A fast-paced song can bring out exciting energy, while a slow-paced song can make us feel calm or contemplative. However, while practicing music, you may want to change the tempo of a song to better suit your preferences or how familiar you are with the material that you are trying to practice. If you're just starting your musical journey, it is ideal to learn songs at a slow tempo so you can learn to hit each note precisely and execute them flawlessly. In order to further polish your abilities, you can then gradually speed up the songs throughout your practice sessions. Professional musicians, on the other hand, may also experiment with different tempos. AudioRetune's tempo slider makes it easy to find the tempo that suits your tastes.

Here's how to use the AudioRetune app to instantly change the tempo of a song:

  1. Download the AudioRetune app

  2. Alter the speed of any song in your library. You can also change the tempo of infinite song previews on the app. If you want to make changes to any specific song. Select any song from iTunes after checking the preview and simply tapping the “Get it on iTunes store” button on the screen. 

  3. The app's tempo adjustment feature is accessible from the player screen after the song has been chosen. The relative tempo of the song is displayed as the percentage of the song's original tempo.
    A value of 100% means that the recording is playing at its original speed.

  4. To increase the song's speed, tap on the rabbit button; the song's speed is displayed by a growing  percentage

  5. Similarly, to decrease the song's pace, tap the turtle button and the percentage will be reduced.

By using the AudioRetune app, with just a few taps, you can change the tempo of any song.

That's it! By using the AudioRetune app, with just a few taps, you can change the tempo of any song. If you want to practice with the same tempo adjustment for your next session, your tempo and your last mixer settings are automatically remembered for the song.

 Download the app now and slow down a fast-paced song to practice comfortably, or boost the speed of the song to play it differently. 

Download AudioRetune app from app store on your iPad or iPhone and personalize music!

Download AudioRetune

AudioRetune is a music app that uses AI-powered technology to work in real-time. With the app, you can easily separate vocals from any song, alter the tempo and pitch, export song stems, and adjust the volume of instrumental tracks. The app also lets you bookmark song sections to save the song segments that you want to practice repeatedly. Your last mixer settings are automatically remembered. With the free plan, you get unlimited 30-second song previews and can process up to four tracks. The paid plan lets you process an unlimited number of songs along with unlimited 30-second song previews.

Download the AudioRetune app on your iOS device and start practicing music with your preferences
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