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How to remove vocals from any song and create jam tracks in  real-time

How to remove vocals from any song?

There are various benefits to removing the vocals from a song, both for the vocalist and for the musicians. A musician might use it better to grasp the instrumentation and groove of a song, while a vocalist can use it to improve their skill. Creating karaoke tracks is a great way to practice your ear for music, try out new scales and modes, and improve your sense of rhythm and time. 

You may find it tedious and time-consuming to search out jam tracks for each song. Not immediately finding a jam track for a song to rehearse can be discouraging. With the AI technology of AudioRetune, you can now generate jam tracks for any song in real-time. With the musician's app, experience personalized music on your iPhone or iPad in a matter of seconds. Here are a few easy steps for using the AudioRetune application to create karaoke tracks by removing the vocals from a song in real-time: 

  1. The AudioRetune app is available on the App Store for free download on your iOS device. The free version of the app grants you access to unlimited 30-second song previews and 4 songs to personalize from your library each month. After your monthly 4 songs limit ends, playback and real-time adjustments will be limited to 99 seconds.

  2. Play the song you want to change in the app's player screen. Go through the vocal slider in the provided sliders and change the vocals to suit your tastes. Tap on the speaker button to the left of the vocals slider to completely mute the vocals. You can split the song in seconds this way!

  3. In addition to the vocals of songs, change the tempo of the song and pitch in real-time with the tap of a button. You may also bookmark parts of the songs to play them without manually playing them repeatedly. All your mixer settings are automatically remembered for your next practice. 

  4. You can practice singing alongside the application and even make adjustments in between, as all modifications are instantaneous. With the app, you can not only remove the vocals of a song but also adjust the bass, drums, and other instruments individually or all together.

  5. You can instantly separate audio files for each track and save them to your device or iCloud. The STEMs can then be used in your DAW.

Practice singing on AudioRetune- The music app and experience customized music in real-time.

As a singer, by removing the vocals of a song with AudioRetune, you can replace the recorded vocals with your own performance on-the-fly.  Rediscover your music or stand in for your favorite artist while practicing with the AudioRetune app. Download the app today and try it for yourself.

The AudioRetune app is available on the App Store for free download on your iOS device
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