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How to download the STEMs of a song?

Updated: Apr 22

Download STEMs of a song with AudioRetune app

What are the STEMs of a song?

STEMs are separate tracks or sections of an audio recording that combine to form a whole song. The phrase "STEM" is an abbreviation for "STEreo Mix." When you mix and produce a song, all of its parts (such as vocals, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and so on) are merged into a stereo mix that you hear as a song. 

These STEMs provide additional versatility in audio creation. Musicians, producers, and remixers can use STEMs to edit, modify, and create new mixes of songs. They provide you with more control over individual elements, making it easier to adjust the recordings.

It's important to know that not every song has a STEM available, as this varies depending on the record company, artist, and licensing agreements. STEMs are usually shared for remixing; nevertheless, there are copyright and licensing limitations on how they can be used.

Advantages of STEMs in music :

  1. Mixing: One of the most popular uses for STEMs is remixing. To make a new version of the songs, you can modify, edit, or blend them with your style.

  2. Learning: Beginner musicians and producers can greatly benefit from using STEMs since they can learn about the various aspects of a song in great detail.

  3. Practicing: For musicians and vocalists, STEMs are very useful for practice. STEMs can take your practice to the next level and boost confidence. For example, a drummer can rehearse by having other parts of the song played in the background as they practice the drums

  4. Live Performances: STEMs give artists more control over their sound when they perform live. This makes it possible to make changes as needed, improving the live experience.

  5. Smooth collaboration: Sharing STEMs facilitates a smoother exchange of project files while working with other producers or artists.

  6. Individual vocals and instruments: Individual vocals and instruments allow the practice to be customized to the individual's preferences. Instrumentalists may learn and become skilled in the instrument by just using the vocals. A karaoke version of a song can be made using just instruments by removing the vocals, which can benefit the vocalist.

Advantages of STEMs in music

How do I download the STEMs of a song? While the STEMs of a song can be difficult to find, with our music app, AudioRetune, you can export the STEMs of a song in seconds. With the help of AudioRetune's AI, you can choose a song and instantly change the vocal and instrument volumes on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with the M1 or M2 chipset. Additionally, you can also adjust the pitch and speed of any song. 

It is not necessary to download the STEMs when using AudioRetune's real-time adjustment capability. However, it's still possible. With just a few simple steps, STEMs can be downloaded with AudioRetune, which can then be used in any DAW.

How to download the STEMs of a song with AudioRetune?

Screenshot of STEMs icon of AudioRetune app
  • Select the song from your device or library to get the STEMs for that particular song, after the song selection. The download icon, as seen in the screenshot below, is displayed on the player screen. Press the icon. 

How to download the STEMs of a song with AudioRetune? (Screenshot)
  • Once you click the icon, you will be transferred to your phone's storage. You can select the location where you want to save the STEMs by double-tapping the browse option. Further, click on the folder and press open if you want to save the STEMs in that particular folder. The "Recent" files section may include files recently created on your iPhone, but not the folder locations to which users may want to export the STEMs

  • The separate audio tracks for the instruments, drums, bass, and vocals will be saved in the folder of your choice in a few seconds as the STEM exporting process has begun. 

The STEMs of a song can then be used in a DAW of your choice, for example, when you want to remix a song or extract samples for your cover versions or compositions. You can use them for your practice, for yourself, and at home. Using them anywhere else will likely require sync and/or master use licenses ( This feature is only available for your song files and songs selected from your library. It is not available for song previews.

Elevate your musical skills with AudioRetune!


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