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How to remix a song using AudioRetune!

Updated: Apr 21

With AudioRetune you can instantly separate vocal and instrument tracks from any song. You can also create STEMs from a song with the unlimited playback subscription, and use these tracks in your own remix or refine your musical skills.

This post walks you through how to sample and remix a song.

Search any song you want to play in the AudioRetune app. Split the song into instruments and vocals on our music app.

1. On your iPad or iPhone, download the AudioRetune application. In the search screen, select the song from your music collection.

2. To preview how certain tracks sound, change the level faders for the song's vocals or instrumentation. Tap the speaker icon to completely mute the sound of the instruments or vocals. Export the STEM files to your device. The volume fader settings will not influence the volume of the exported STEMs.

Split vocals and instruments while you practice any song, customizing music can help you to take your music practice to another level.

3. You can jam along with the song in real-time without any processing delays, and of course, you can replace any instrument with your own live performance.

Dr Mix used AudioRetune app to remix the song online on his iPad and created his version of Micheal Jackson's "Thriller".

4. To sample and remix a song, you can export the STEMs and upload them to the DAW of your choice. This is where things can get really interesting! You can tap on the export button on the player screen in the AudioRetune app to export the STEMs. You can choose where to save the exported tracks on your device. After you confirm the folder to which the files shall be saved, the audio files will be separated and stored at the selected location. Now you can use the separated tracks in your project.

Download STEMs of any song with AudioRetune app, you can use high quality STEMs to remix the song further.

Use the STEMs exported from AudioRetune app to the DAW of your choice and create your custom version of any song.

5. You can edit the STEMs and create various samples after the final files are ready. They can be remixed with various live instruments and added to the DAW.

Transfer the STEM files exported from the AudioRetune app and you can use the song according to your preferences.

6. If you like, you can add additional instruments such as piano, bass guitar, guitar, and a different drum beat with "more cowboy bell". You can also modify the original song's tempo and pitch. With your own rendition of the song, you can create a brilliant remix.

Practice your choice of instrument along with the edited song version and replace the performance of the artist with yours.

7. The remix can then be exported as a brand-new audio file. Before you share your remix, make sure to give credit to the original artist and get any permissions or licenses you need.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out Claudio Passavanti’s Dr Mix video on YouTube, download the app today for free, and get access to unlimited song previews and four different songs from your library every month. With our unlimited playback subscription, you can play unlimited songs from your music library.


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