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The best bass songs for beginners

Updated: Apr 21

The bass provides the primary harmonic foundation for all of your favorite songs. It serves as a link between the higher registers (guitar) and the lower registers (drums). The bass frequency may be difficult to hear, yet it is essential to the overall composition.

Bass is important, especially for songs such as rock and pop. When compared to other stringed instruments like the guitar or piano, the bass guitar typically has fewer strings and requires a very different playing style. Understanding and mastering it will require time and effort, but if you put in the dedication, you'll get there! As a beginner, you should start with simple songs to learn bass.

Here are the best bass songs for beginners recommended by AudioRetune that you can practice to go to the next level-

1. “Another one bites the Dust” by Queen

One of the greatest compositions ever composed for bass was by John Deacon, the bassist for Queen. The bassline from Queen's song "Another One Bites the Dust" is a well-known and loved bassline. It is a well-known groove that is simple but powerful. The bassline, which is in the minor key of E, surrounds the chord progression's root note. Click here for the bass tab. You may learn this song by improving your bass skills, creating bookmarks for the song's various sections, practicing those parts, and taking your time. Install the AudioRetune app and bookmark the song sections you want to practice.

2. "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses

This song by Duff McKagan is an excellent pick for beginners because of the straightforward and persistent bassline. Maintaining a steady tempo and playing in a continuous flow will help you learn this song. All through the song, the same three notes are played in the same sequence to create the primary bass riff. Once you've mastered the song's primary riff, you can play the bassline with ease. Click here for the bass tab.

3. “Stand by Me” by Ben E.King

One of Ben E. King's most charming and popular timeless classics is "Stand by Me." The rhythm and melody have a contemporary edge while being calm and soothing. The bass plays a big role in the song's instrumental parts, making it unique in its style. The bass guitar's tuning for the bassline of the song is simple. The song's tone patterns are extremely uniform. It will help you separate the song into three sections. This will make learning the basslines for each segment much simpler. Divide the song into sections by bookmarking them in the AudioRetune app. Click here for the bass tab.

4. "Longview" by Green Day

If you're just starting out on bass and want to get into some more challenging tunes, check out Longview. With this song, you'll learn to pick two notes at once by playing your third and fourth strings together. It's a great song for going from playing a simple bass to one that's a little more tricky, and while it may take some time to get your hands on it, doing so will help you acquire confidence in your bass playing. Click here for the bass tab.

5. “Come as you are” by Nirvana

Nirvana's "Come As You Are" in the style of 80s glam rock is a superb example of a powerful component that is also straightforward. Krist Novoselic plays the bassline. Use passing tones, which heighten the song's melancholy mood. Click here for the bass tab.

As someone new to the bass, start with these songs. By modifying the bass of any music in real time, the AudioRetune app allows you to rehearse all of the above tracks. Any song's bass can also be fully turned off, or you can download the bass track to your device. Any song's bass may be explored separately, which can help you understand bass in general. Install the app for free and give it a try. Here is a tutorial on how to practice bass using the AudioRetune app.


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