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Good songs for Valentine’s day!

Updated: Apr 21

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic days for you to make your significant other feel loved and special. If you find it challenging or saccharine to express this with words, music is a language that lets you express your emotions. A romantic day, such as Valentine's Day, calls for a romantic setting or vibe, and music adds to its beauty. Consider a romantic setting with your loved one and romantic songs playing in the background, Isn't it the best feeling? If your loved one is far away, dedicate a song to them and make them feel special from afar. Listening to the same song at the same time over a long distance can be a beautiful gesture.

Looking for good sings for Valentine's day to make your special one feel extra special. Explore our blog.

Finding romantic songs for Valentine’s Day to suit your romantic mood doesn’t have to be time-consuming! Here is a list of good songs for Valentine's Day from AudioRetune that you can choose from to make your day extra special:

"Until I found You" by Stephen Sanchez

One of the current trending romantic songs with the 60s feels. This song is ideal for a slow, romantic dance with your partner. If you are a singer, this song is a good way to express yourself. Since its release, the song has received over 28 million global streams. It was written and recorded in B major, with a moderate ballad tempo. Click here for the lyrics of the song

“Hey there Delilah” by Plain White T's

If you're looking for one of the best songs for couples in a long-distance relationship and want to remind your partner that you'll be together soon, this song is a good choice to dedicate to her. The song expresses how difficult a long-distance relationship can be, but how everything works out in the end. This song's lyrics were written for American long-distance runner Delilah DiCrescenzo. Listen to this song with your partner at the same time through Spotify or Apple listening sessions and enjoy the moment together on Valentine’s Day. Click here for the lyrics of the song

"Can't Help Falling in Love" (cover) by Haley Reinhart

As beautiful as Elvis Presley's OG song is, this cover may be even more soothing and lovely. This slow love song is a pleasant one to dedicate to him on Valentine's Day. Dance to this song or simply listen to it while having a romantic candlelight dinner. The lyrics to the song are undoubtedly tender and adorable. The lyrics "Take my hand. Take my whole life too. For I can't help falling in love with you." express that as time passes, you fall more and more in love with him and want to commit forever! Click here for the lyrics of the song

“Yellow” by Coldplay

Rock out by singing together and having some fun with this song! While romantic songs are deeply moving and exciting, rock music makes everything better! Play it with your partner if you know how to play the Ukulele or Guitar and are comfortable singing. The lyrics of the song are unique and the beats are an add-on. Click here for the lyrics of the song

“Lucky” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz

With this song, you can convey your gratitude to your partner, and tell them how extremely lucky you feel to have them in your life. This danceable song is a good fit for long-distance couples. The pop song made its Billboard Hot 100 debut in 2009 and also has a Spanish version. Click here for the lyrics of the song

“A Thousand Years” – Christina Perry

If you still love the classic Twilight song, play this song on the most romantic day of the year. The song's piano is what gives it its most soulful feel. One of the best contemporary love songs by a woman for her man, perfect for a candlelight evening, and a great song if you plan to propose on Valentine’s Day. Click here for the lyrics of the song

Here are a few more song suggestions from our editors for Valentine’s Day that you can play to treasure the day:

-"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli -“Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars -” Wonderful Tonight Song” by Eric Clapton -“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran -“All of Me” by John Legend -"Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

If you want to surprise your significant other, practice these Valentine’s day songs for singing and playing your choice of instrument. If you are single and don’t have a significant other, download the AudioRetune app and work hard on your skills, so you won't be rejected by everyone anymore! Instantly separate the instruments and vocals in any song to create backing tracks of the song within seconds.


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